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7s Wild Slot Review: Design, Symbols, Bonuses, and How to Play

7s Wild Slot Review: Design, Symbols, Bonuses, and How to Play

There is a growing demand for classic slots that provide a gateway to the best casino gaming experience from the past. One such game would be 7s Wild slots, which comes from the house of IGT. This game comes with five reels and just five pay lines. It is a throwback to an era where gameplay was not confusing to any user. The reduction in several pay lines makes it easy for someone to understand the gameplay without getting a university diploma. Armed with this quality, this 7s Wild slot machine comes with a slew of bonus features and games that can ramp up RTP figures.

  • Video Overview
  • Additional Info
    • Released 2017
    • Software IGT
    • Rolls 5
    • Paylines 15
    • Minimum Bet 0.01 per line
    • Maximum Bet 75 per line

Design and Graphics in 7s Wild Slot

This game is primarily meant for slot lovers who prefer a classic design. The reels have been intentionally made to appear as old-fashioned as possible. This theme extends to the symbols, which are bright and colorful. At the same time, there is not a lot of detail that one can associate with modern slot games. There is no doubt that players are always yearning out for wild symbols, as they turn out to be a prized asset.

Spin Button

Once a player hits the spin button, they are treated to a game that has plenty of pictures of bells and fruits. After a spin, IGT has designed graphics in such a way that fruits bounce on the reels. Even though the game tries to comply with a classic theme, it also has enough stuff within the graphics to enhance the experience.


7s Wild Slot Review: Design, Symbols, Bonuses, and How to Play

Similarly, a simple soundtrack is employed in the few sections of the game. A player can turn on and off these sounds. The soundtrack has also been designed to bring a classic feel to this game. Every major victory is celebrated with a fireworks celebration. If a player manages to get a considerable price, they will receive the same music as provided by the Wolf Run game.

Super Simple Symbols

Things are once again kept simple when it comes to symbols as expected. There are just five symbols throughout the game, and this would come as a significant deviation for players used to coming across almost ten symbols in each modern slot title. Apart from keeping these symbols quite comfortable to enjoy, they are also given values that can be easily identified.


A bunch of cherries happens to be the lowest paying symbol in this game. Even at the maximum setting, it will return only two credits if three occur on the reels. A player will be able to take home 100 credits when five of these featured on the reels.


These figures are bettered by an orange, which gives three credits for a minimum appearance of three symbols. Its maximum return will be 150 credits for five on the reels.


A plum takes the position as the third highest paying symbol. After starting with the return of just five credits for three on the reels, the maximum number is bumped to 250 when five are available on the reels. This 7s Wild slot review has found that big wins start to appear from the bell symbol onwards. It can reward up to 500 credits when five symbols feature on the reels. There is a decent return of 10 credits, even when just three featured.

Number 7

However, the star of the show would be the ‘number seven’ symbol colored with bright red. It can give a whopping 1000 credits when five features on the reels or even just 20 credits for three symbols that once.

It is positive that IGT has decided to go with this ‘number seven’ symbol with red color, as it is almost an epitome of classic slot games. Interestingly, this symbol also has a multifaceted nature, as it also acts as a wild symbol in this game.

Bonus Games

There is only one noteworthy bonus game, which happens to be the 7s Wild free spins. Unlike in other games where dedicated scatter symbols are used to trigger such features, this title uses the ‘number seven’ symbol for this purpose. In this scenario, the symbol transforms into a wild and replaces other symbols. There are no other bonus games, and it is not even possible to retrigger the free spins feature. A player will receive five free spins when they get five of the ‘number seven’ symbols.

  • It is recommended to play with an optimum balance before triggering these bonus games, as it is not possible to change the line bet after it has been triggered.
  • Since bonus games are the crucial factor in living up to the high RTP figures of this title, they should be capitalized with a reasonable line bet.
  • Since the base game does not offer much in the form of regular wins, it can be challenging to go with a large amount of line bet, as the balance will be exhausted rather soon.

How to Play 7s Wild Slot

A strong attraction within this 7s Wild slot would be simplicity, as it does not take more than a few minutes to understand every aspect of the game. A player starts with choosing their preferred quantity of lines, which can range from 1 to 5. Now, it is time to select a bet per line. In the minimum setting, it is possible to go with a stake of C$5.00 to C$125.00.

Five Paylines

Unlike many multiple slot titles that can take a lot of time to understand even for some of the regular players, it takes only a few minutes to play 7s Wild slot in the best possible way. At times, the lack of pay lines can be a hindrance since it is tough to come across a slot game in this time with only five pay lines. Many competitors – even in the same classic segment – end up having around 15 pay lines as a bare minimum.

No Huge Swings

Still, there is a decent betting range on offer, and it should keep a player interested in the long run. Since this is not a very volatile game, players need not expect huge swings. The variance is also kept low in most circumstances, although it can go to medium from time to time. It is possible to expect a payout of 92% to 96% if the player is playing for a more extended period.


If a player does not want to spin on their own, they can also start an auto spins feature that will run the game automatically for a predefined number of spins. Before the start of this feature, a player is given the freedom to choose the total pay lines and line bet value. A player can interrupt this feature in the middle, but it cannot be restarted once stopped. If a bonus is triggered or if the balance is insufficient, the feature automatically stops. Unlike in many games, the player has a lot of freedom when choosing this auto spins feature, as the numbers are available in multiples of 10 – up to 50.

7s Wild Slot Machine Playing Tips

Before any player starts to wager on this game, they need to understand the risk factor that comes with every spin. Since there are only five pay lines, it is not a very challenging task to pick the right bet size. If a player receives three or more lower-tier symbols, they are likely to get higher payments. However, there should be plums, bells, or number 7s to get massive wins.

Ideally, a player should aim for getting more of 7s. Apart from receiving a large prize, this feature can also kickstart an array of wins since it would start the free spins feature. It is possible to touch thousands of coins when a player activates this feature.

Wild Symbol

A player should also place a great deal of attention on the wild symbol, as it can produce a lot of fortune in this title. Once five number seven symbols appearing on the pay lines, it can significantly ramp up balance levels. Apart from being able to replace other symbols, it can also come in handy to get additional payoffs. There are also a lot of surprises that have been included in the game.

Mobile Access

7s Wild Slot Review: Design, Symbols, Bonuses, and How to Play

A dedicated 7s Wild mobile app is not available, but multiple casinos host this game. If a player is seeking a different experience that is more comfortable and available everywhere, it is time to switch attention to a mobile version. These casinos, in turn, have apps available for Android and iOS devices.

It will be a great way to access this game on the move. Since IGT is one of the top slot developers around, they have made sure that the game remains excellent even on a smaller screen, thanks to a higher level of optimization. There is an added advantage of being able to access other games from the casino at the same time.

Free Play or Practice Mode

It would not be surprising to come across any special 7s Wild tips since this game is quite simple on its own. Even then, it can be just enjoyed for fun by visiting a range of destinations where free play mode is allowed. Users need to merely register with the casino to access a demo or practice mode where no funds are required.

Even deposits are not required to access this mode. Since this game can quickly bring back a classic look, players can simply enjoy this game for what it is rather than having to risk their money.


One does not need a lot of strategies to get success in the 7s Wild game. It is a simple game that comes with enough substance to remind players about old arcade games. Some of these touches like golden bells and Lucky seven may seem like a simple inclusion, but they transform this game’s attitude. It is not sufficient for a game to just possess the attitude, and this title recognizes the need for providing big wins through features like free spins.

There is a sizable betting range to satisfy even high rollers, but those with a limited bankroll may be disappointed with minimum bet sizes at a rather high C$5. Overall, this is a game that can retain a player’s interest with surprising simplicity and a throwback to the olden days.

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